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Small news post...theres a new members page ^-^
Heh, heh finally! An addition to the fields! ^__^ Its not all the way done, but you can start it =) In this field you'll actualy fly to America, kewl, ne? And this ones gunna end with...such a kewl thing =3 I better not spoil it...But to start t off you'll have to go to FoxTech, which is finally completed...what lazy workmen, ne? lol XD I hope ya have fun =)
I made a searchbox! =D It works for the most part, exept it has a little trouble with non-barned monsters ^^;; eh heh heh...
Lots of new updates! I changed the layout, as I sure you can see by now, and you can acsess your profile by clicking your name on the bar, and you can also click on conties to go straight to their help page =) And a lot of new changes to the profile page =) If your looking at your own proile you can actually use your items from there instead of going to a shop ^^ And new little mini-profiles for barned mosnters, and also you can un-equip your monsters item from your profile. I changed the equipments so now u have to un-equip them to equip your monster with something different.
I fixed the problem with the shops and the salon, so now you can't get minus conties ^-^ And if you had -conties I reset them to 0.
I changed all the monster pics so their bgs are transparent ^-^ and I also added a new monster, Crabmon! You can catch him at Zerchue's monster field =)
Bow down, bow down, before the power of me!!! Mua ha ha XD! I got the profiles fixed, if ne one noticed they were alllll messed up >< but, just on the accounts of ppl who havn't caught any monsters....but now alll is well ^_^ so I can go on and do other things...la la la....
Oooh, a new attraction to the site =3 Now you can buy equipment items over at the new town called Hietro! ^-^ The equipment item will increase one of your pets stats, and it will show up in your pets pic! ^__^
I fixed the problem with fightaction ^__^ yay! Now its a LOT harder to gain levels mua ha ha! And I'm not going to reset any ones level...just cuz ^^;;
-.- I've seen how high the lvls ave been going and I'm not happy in the slightest...The lvls were never meant to go that high...I wanna reset them, but thatll prolly cause a lot of probs.. =\ I've cahanged the fight action so it gives out a lot less points...but I don't think it'll help much at this point -.-
Now, in Zerchue theres a new place called "Magic Hat" You can go there once an hour to get a prize by peeking into the hat! But theres also a bad thing that can happen...*heh heh* and also I added a new town called "The Pier" its right above Cleo Hut and you can get there by either leaving north from Treutíc or leaving north from Cleo Hut. At The Pier you can go fishing!! And you can make money from fishing *heh heh* And theres a lot of new items that you can only get at the Fishing Shop in Pier ^-^ sooo...have fun =D cuz I gotta go to school now -.- wah!
I just got Contimon listed at TWG =), and if you vote using the button I put on this page you'll get 50 conties! Bt you can only vote once a week *awww*
I just added a help page =D It covers all the basics, and has ways of contacting me ^-^ and please know you can contact me for any little thing any problem you have at all (with the site of course...) ^-^ kk, bai! =D
He he ^-^ I just added the "monster field" to Zerchue. In the monster field you can go looking for monster, and either fight them, or catch them! =D And at Teutíc's monster barn you can check out their stats, and trade one of them for your current monster! ^-^ Kewl, ne?
Yeeeaaahaaa! I finally made another field! And this one is the biggest one yet and it stats at the bard spankin new Cleo Hut! =D Took me forever @@ And mucho kudos to Fred for helpin'out ^-^!! Oooohh...and now I'm gunna hafta make another field *squeeeee!* But, just so everyone knows its not up yet so don't bother lookin' all over for the shrine and the wired person with a Firemon ^^ oooh, its SO obvious!! *shhh* I'm sure not everyone knows! ...maybie...^^;; I also made a special profile page for items ^-^ and also made sure they wouldn't go of the page...that was getting annoying -.- but now you can see everything about them ^^ even their cost! Or if their special or not... Oh and also I know some were wondering...(one I think ^^;;) I finnally figured out what to do with the Admin Goodie ^-^ and its gunna be pretty good =)
ooooh 03 =D he he ^^ Anywayz...I just finished "the town of Pleso" yaye =D There you can train up one stat at a time ^-^. It gives more points then the Gym in Zerchue or the Dojo in Treutic, but it only does one stat at a time...yay ^-^ I also made a hospital in Zerchue, why? who knows! *mua ha h!* ^__^
I added a high score table to Zerchue ^-^ yay!
Now all the colors are done ^___^ So no matter what monster you choose now you can change their color =D
You can now change the color of your Moseumon or Katamon at the Zerchue Salon =D
*whew* Hundreds of conties and about a thousand revisions later the salon actually works now *yay* There are five different colurs for Foxamon and Firemon, and theres more on the way! ^___^ And with the new additions I made it should b really easy to make the new additions ^__^ =D
I added a Gym to Zerchue ^_^ It gives...5 times more stats then the Dojo in Treutíc =D
Heeeey! I finnally got sum time together and I made it so u can go to Zerchue! ^^ For being the largest city on the continent...it sure is small! Eh heh heh ^^; I was hoping no one would notice oo;;
Now when you turn battles off, you can't fight other people! Just to make things more fair...^_^
I got a new field up! Can you find Trixies Key? CAN YOU?????
Yay, a new Dojo in Treutíc! ^_^ Now you can gain stats without fighting another member, whooo =D
07/31/02 & 08/01/02
Now you can try to get out of town ^_^ fun, fun! He he...its beggining to look more and more like a playstation screeen ^___^ I am SOOO AMAZING! Someone had waaaaay too much coffee .-.-
Yea! Contimon is finnally taking shape ^_^ Now you can go explore! Well...a little bit heh heh oo;; there is more stuff coming...I even have a small field planned ^___^
I just got up a new feature on the fighting, now if you lose you oponent willl get more point and pluss one win, and if you win your oponent will get plus one loss! o0o0oh!
New functions ^_^ The Fuzzies weren't working, but they are now^^. And you can get 5 free contines for logging in once a day. And you can no longer refresh battle, heh heh ;D I'm so evil!
You can now turn off the offline battle function from your profile ^_^
Alright ^_^ Now those online game dreams have come true! I hope everyone has fun! And if you find any bugs tell me at foxumon@yahoo.com I'll give y a reward if ya help meh fix sumthin =D I want a reward! Will you help me fix somethin? I don't want it that badly...
I got a whole new layout and a lot more pages, and Contimon is now hosted ^_^ Yea! Something new!!!
I made a new layout for Contimon! I've been planning on making this site into an online game! But I have no idea where to start...if any one has any ideas E-mail me! (foxumon@yahoo.com) ZZZ arrg -.-
Sorry I haven't been very active in this site....^^;; You had better be sorry!! :oo I don't mind 'cause you put me in the new splash^^ I should be in the new splash!!! I;m the ooo powerfull Guru!!! I wanna be in the splash!!! The splash isn't all I did! Really? I didn't notice... I changed the layout too^^ Ok...good for you...I wanna be in a splash!!!! .-.-;;
I got an affiliate!! yay^^ You are aware that the site your affiliated with is, your own site!!! I share it with Garurumon! Oh I c! He does all the work and you get all the glory! eh heh! as long as I'm beining pumled by "eh heh"s I might as well show you all the contimon button^^ With witch I will use will all my affils^^

I added the download section, and two new comics^^
I got comics, games, and Characters updated! I know I hjaven't been updating much...on any of my sites><, but I have a whole bunch of school work!(and AAA) I;m sure almost everyone has some school work! I don't have schoolwork... Thats because your a monster I don't have school work either! Thats because your old! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am too! Am not! am not! Am too! Glad you agree with me! Hey wait! Lets do it over! I wasn't ready heh heh
yay^^ I added the gallery and made it all happy! I put in 20 pictures!! Ok..not half bad... not half bad?!?!? ...ya *throws bucket of water on Guru* There ya go! *snickers* Why you... *gives Firemon a high five* ha ha! Great job Firemon!
ahhh! I finnally finished! Sorry to anyone who had to watch me tring to get rid of the adds ^()..^, but those little guys are there for good! You could just pay them to take them off! No way >< I alrieghty paid 30$ and 5 months of my life for this site!! you didn't throw away five months of your life! You left us and went on to other things while you were waiting for the copyright! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ohh boy...
O yes its not done yet...and if you can see this then...ur on my comp>.< Get a grip fox ^-.-.^ Whats going on here? Whats wrong? Whats going on? Where am I? What happened to my false teeth? Heh heh Very funny... Ya a laugh riot!
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